Date: February 2002
For Immediate Release

       About 400,000 "hits" ago the Website called "Names" didn't exist except in its Webmaster's mind.

       Now the site is its Webmaster's primary hobby. "It's a fun way to connect with interesting people," Names Webmaster Jerry Hill explains. "Think of being in touch with several dozen people who have the same name you do. It's a hoot." It is not, however, a money-maker. "I do this for the joy of it," says Hill.

       Hill prefers not to nationalize or even regionalize the Names site by divulging his locale. When asked where he lives, Hill replies, "The Internet." "Guests," as Hill calls them, don't seem to have any trouble finding Hill or his site as 400,000+ hits attest. "Guests come to the Names site from all over the world...from Eritrea, Christmas Island, French Polynesia, everywhere."

       What Hill's guests find at Names is a smorgasbord of names-related facts, fantasy and fun. Whether you want to know if "Barbie" has a last name or what the White House was called before it was renamed, Names tells all.

       Hill is particularly proud of the site's self-imposed "G-rating." "We strive to keep it clean," says Hill. "Names is for Mom, Dad, and the kids."

       Sigmund Freud wrote, "A human being's name is a principal component in his person, perhaps a piece of his soul." If this is true, there may well be those who think they've died and gone to their great reward at Names.