Naming Chairs In An Auditorium (Fund-raising)

Consider looking to your school’s auditorium for help if your school wants to raise money.

Each seat in your auditorium could be available to bear the name of contributors who donate money to the school.

You decide whether some (e.g., “front and center”) seats are more costly than others to name.  Perhaps the amount of the contribution would be linked to specific seats or seating areas.  Maybe those making bigger donations would get first choice as to the seat he or she gets to name.

It could be that seats would be available for naming at one cost based on a “first come, first served” approach.

The cost of naming a seat could also be based on the number of years the name would remain with any given chair.  (For example, a person who wants a seat named for five years would need to contribute more than the person interested in just a one-year option.)

Of course schools would have to iron out details of any “chair naming
Program” before going public with it.