JERRY HILL:  The Written Word

Publication:  Campaign, Oct. 25, 1996 p. 13
Article title:  "Acceptable face of 'TV' prepares for next phase (TSMS television chief executive, JERRY HILL)."
Author:  Claire Beale

Publication:  Contractor, Dec. 1, 1981 V28 p. 3
Article title:  "Potential is great in heat pump market.  (JERRY HILL--Marketing)"
Author:  George Zebrowski

Publication:  Weatherwise, Aug. 1980, v33, p. 156
Article title:  "An apparent new record for extreme rainfall."
Author:  JERRY HILL.

Publication:  Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, Nov.-Dec. 1994, v49, #6 p. 612
Article title:  "Survey of management practices used for reserve acreage and grassed waterways."
Author:  JERRY HILL, et al.

Publication:  Outdoor Life, Oct. 1983, v172, p. 68
Article title:  "Four who stalk (interviews with deer hunters;  Jerry Hill et al.)"
Author:  John E. Phillips

Publication:  Campaign, May 20, 1994, p. 24
Article title:  "Captain stays calm as crew jumps ship.  Several TSMS staff move to Carlton:  JERRY HILL, deputy chief executive of TSMS" Interview
Author:  Claire Burnett

Book title:  "Real life dictionary of the law:  taking the mystery out of legal language"
Author:  Hill, Jerry (Gerald N.)
Publisher:  General Pub. Group (Los Angeles) © 1995

Book title:  "Divorced father:  coping with problems, creating solutions
Author:  Hill, Jerry (Gerald A.)
Publisher:  Betterway Publications (White Hall, VA) © 1989

Book title:  "Aquino assassination -- the true story and analysis of the assassination of Philippine Senator Benigno S."
Author:  Hill, Jerry (Gerald N.)
Publisher:  Hilltop Pub. Co. (Sonoma, Ca) © 1983